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As one of the South Asia’s renowned institutions for language learning, we offer top quality online language education remotely from Malaysia which allow us to offer Singaporeans one of the cheapest fees in the market.

At MyTeacherSG, we pride ourselves in having our student conversational in a relatively short amount of time. Our classes give an emphasis on conversation and real daily life interactions while we will following a comprehensive curriculum for grammar, a necessary step to sit for major language examinations.

With our unique system and stellar track record over the past decade, learners are assured to understand and navigate effortlessly in dialogues of most daily situation, in as little as 50 hours.

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Foreign Language Courses in SINGAPORE

Think of Sentences as Building Blocks

  • Forget the traditional language learning methods; we’re all about constructing sentences and questions like master builders! Our unique approach breaks down the language into bite-sized building blocks. It’s like building a language fortress, starting with the basics and adding complexity as you go.

Talk the Talk: Embrace Mistakes and Speak Freely!

  • At myteachersg, we’re not afraid of blunders – in fact, we encourage them! Speaking is at the heart of our language-learning philosophy. We want you to dive headfirst into the language, immerse yourself, and speak freely. Mistakes aren’t setbacks; they’re stepping stones to improvement.

Meet the Language Gurus: Pronunciation Pros and Cultural Wizards!

  • Our secret weapon? Native teachers who are not just experts in the language but also cultural wizards. They bring perfect pronunciation to the table, helping you articulate words like a pro. Beyond that, these language gurus offer insights into the culture associated with the language – it’s like getting a cultural bonus pack with your language lessons!

The three reasons to learn with a tutor from  myteachersg.com in Singapore

The first reason to learn with a tutor from myteachersg.com is that they are trained and consistently follow the unique methodology of myteachersg. Departing from traditional language learning methods, the approach employed is akin to constructing sentences and questions like master builders.

Secondly, the teachers at myteachersg.com are native speakers who focus on imparting perfect pronunciation skills, enabling learners to speak the language authentically, just like a native. This emphasis on accurate pronunciation contributes significantly to language fluency and ensures that students develop a natural and confident speaking style.

The third compelling reason to choose a teacher from myteachersg.com is the unique perspective they bring as natives who have lived in their country of origin.  Their firsthand experiences enrich the learning process, offering students a deeper understanding of the cultural context surrounding the language.



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