About Us

Welcome to MyFrenchTeachers!

Born in Loire Valley, our founder Daniel Kermorvant has travelled to more than 50 countries, bringing with him a kaleidoscope of experience, knowledge and insight to language and culture learning.

Kermovant Edification Sdn Bhd are a professional multi-language center located in Singapore offering the highest efficiency in learning new languages. We cater flexible language courses to meet different learning goals for students of all ages.

It was through these experiences that Daniel realized the power of languages to connect people of all cultures and backgrounds. With this in mind, he wishes to share his passion for languages with all his students, and to cultivate a life-long appreciation of his beautiful mother tongue. 


MyFrenchTeachers's History

In 2008, Daniel noticed the lack of effective language learning methodology in the market. He then created a unique MyTeacher methodology to help students from all walks of life to achieve fluency in the shortest amount of time possible.

Over the course of 12 years to date, our team has taught countless language learners with the following objectives:

  • To speak French and travel to france for visiting purposes effortlessly
  • To boost their career prospects by being able to speak with French speaking clients and colleagues in a professional environment
  • To excel in official language exams
  • To migrate to France or Canada
  • To further their studies or gain employment in France
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My FrenchTeachers's Methodology

  • A 15-year experience in teaching international organizations, government bodies and corporates
  • Native and experienced teachers only
  • Interactive & Concept approach
  • Less grammar, less theory & more practice
  • Role plays and real situations practice
  • MyTeacher interactive apps
  • 5000 flash cards and audio files for self learning
  • Free of charge demo class

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Program & Duration



After completing this beginners course, you will be able to engage in daily situations like making a reservation, ordering at restaurant, asking for directions, as well as introduce and talk about yourself, family and friends. The material covered will be sufficient for a short 3-5 day visit to France !



After completing this course, you will be able to engage daily life situations at a higher level. You can describe events in the past (what you did over the weekend, describe your childhood, past experiences, etc) and in the future (your weekend plans, aspirations, future plans, etc). This course would equip you for a 2-week visit to France enabling you to rent a car, make hotel or restaurant reservations, and shop with ease!



After this course, you will able to manage most situations and discussions for daily life, studies, or work. You will be able to put forth ideas, elaborates on discussions, express abstract ideas and opinions (events, dreams, hopes & ambitions), explain your plans in details, elaborate ideas, make your point as well as make convincing arguments. At this level, you may apply to certain universities or for citizenship if you are married to a spouse from France.



After completing the advance user course, you will able to read and discuss complex articles on a variety of subjects and provide opinions. You will be able to watch French movies without subtitles, read newspapers articles and novels. Certification of this level will enable you to work in an executive position, manage most daily work tasks, attend and contribute positively during business meetings. You will be able to apply for further studies in France in both public or private institutions and opt for a degree or a master in the language. For immigration purposes, individuals with this level may receive extra points in their applications.